About Iron and Steel Slag

About Iron and Steel Slag

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Iron and steel slag products: Fertilizers

Because blast furnace slag contains fertilizer components CaO, SiO2, and MgO, it is used in rice cultivation as calcium silicate fertilizer. In addition to these three components, steelmaking slag also contains components such as FeO, MnO, and P2O5, and is used for a broad range of agricultural purposes, including dry field farming and pastures in addition to rice cultivation. Its alkaline property also remedies soil acidity.

Required amounts of silicate

Required amounts of silicate

Characteristics and advantages

Calcium silicate fertilizer (using blast furnace slag)

Characteristic Advantage Example of use
Silicate for healthy rice plants
  • Promotes photosynthesis by improving light-receiving condition of leaves.
  • Boosts root activity, reducing the wilting of lower leaves.
  • Creates strong stems that resist collapse.
  • Silicified cells form on leaf surfaces, preventing rice blight.
Fertilizer using granulated slag

Fertilizer using
granulated slag
Boosting dry matter production
  • Boosts dry matter production.
  • Improves ripening in later growth stages. (Increases thousand kernel weight.)
mproving harvest quantities,
appearance, and flavor
  • ncreases harvests by increasing the number of unhulled rice kernels and thousand kernel weight.
  • Improves appearance quality, increasing the ratio of highest grade rice.
  • Promotes ripening to improve flavor.

Converter lime fertilizer (using iron and steel slag)

Application Advantage Example of use

Wet rice farming

  • Iron oxides and manganese give vitality to roots.
  • Silicate, lime, phosphate, and magnesia create healthy rice plants.
  • Effective in improving iron-poor soil (preventing root rot, leaf blight, and autumn paddy degradation).
Fertilizer using converter slag

Fertilizer using converter slag
Dry field farming
  • Creates a general soil fertilizer containing a good balance of various fertilizer components needed by crops, including silicate, iron oxide, lime, magnesia, phosphate, manganese, and boron.
  • Helps improve acidic and deteriorated soil, creating a well-balanced soil that not only improves alkalinity but also promotes the breakdown of organic substances.