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FY 2017 Activities

Outcomes and details of FY 2017:


Discussion and revision of the following Japanese Industrial Standards, JIS, related to iron and steel slag and other guidelines of institute.

  • JIS A 5011-1,4: Slag aggregate for concrete - Part 1,4.
  • JIS A 5015: Iron and steel slag for road construction ( under consideration).
  • Guidelines on Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Cement and Blast Furnace Slag , Architectural Institute of Japan.
  • Recommendation for Design and Construction of Concrete containing Ground Granulated Blast -Furnace Slag as an Admixture , Japan Society of Civil Engineers.
  • Recommendation for Design and Construction of Concrete Structure used admixture on a Massive Scale , Japan Society of Civil Engineers.
2 Compliance with the Guideline related to Management of Iron and Steel Slag Products and operation of the third-party certification system
  • Strengthening of the quality and sales management systems for iron and steel slag products at all member companies based on the guideline and facilitating operation of the third-party certification system.
3 Expansion of the use of Portland blast-furnace slag cement
  • Updation of a pamphlet that describes the CO2 reduction effects (4 million tons/year) of Portland blast-furnace slag cement and new technical materials.
  • Promotion of understanding of basical properties of Portland blast-furnace slag cement.
4 Promotion of electric arc furnace slag products
  • Facilitation compliance with the concrete aggregate JIS (electric arc furnace oxidizing slag), and supported the acquisition of new JIS certified plants.
  • The Electric Arc Furnace Slag Promotion Committee conducted R&D related to electric arc furnace slag products and carried out activities aimed at expanding the use of these products.
5 Survey and PR activities
  • Using Television as effective media to gain attention of general public widely.
  • Broadcasting of the BS Fuji TV program titled 'Aramata eco special' and promoting in weekly magazines like Weekly Shincho, and other newspapers.
  • Introducing some useful applications of slag in Nikkei Construction.
  • Conduction of the 10th Art Contest called 'Iron & Steel Slag Products, Oceans, and Forests'. a lot of paintings, drawings, and photographs. Total 701 entries. This awards incrude Grand Prize, Excellence Prize and Special Prize to 12 people, also Association Prize to 3 school.
  • Displaying the BS TV and handing out pamphlets and samples of slag fertilizer at the biggest exibition called 'Eco-Pro 2018' at Tokyo Big Sight. .

FY 2018 Business Plan

The primary issues of FY 2018 are:

1 Strengthen the management systems for manufacture and sales of iron and steel slag products. compliance with guidelines and conducted the third party certification system
2 Improve the reliability and develop technologies for principle products (e.g., revise JIS and various guidelines).
3 Make clear the characteristics of the iron and steel slag that can contribute to creating a low-carbon society, conserving resources, and improving the environment.
4 Promote the use of slag in marine areas, agricultural land in cooperation with the Japan Iron and Steel Federation.
5 Reinforce slag PR activities. Continue strong new PR activities and strength media.