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Results of FY 2016 Activities

Results from our primary activities are as described below.

1 Revision of guidelines and JIS related to iron and steel slag
  • Made the draft for revising JIS A 5011-1,4: Slag aggregate for concrete - Part 1,4 (will be made public in this fall)
  • Revised Guidelines on Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Cement and Blast Furnace Slag given by Architectural Institute of Japan (will be released in this fall)
  • Conducted research activities for reforming Work Guidelines for Concrete Utilizing Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag Committee and Concrete Structure used admixture on a Massive Scale Research Subcommittee aimed at amending Guidelines on Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Cement and Blast Furnace Slag by Japan Society of Civil Engineers
  • Promoted discussion of improving JIS A 5015: Iron and steel slag for road construction
2 Compliance with the Guideline related to Management of Iron and Steel Slag Products and management of the third-party certification system
  • Strengthened the quality and sales management systems for iron and steel slag products based on the guideline at all member companies and facilitated operation of the third-party certification system.
3 Activities toward expansion of the use of Portland blast-furnace slag cement
  • Altered a pamphlet that describes the CO2 reduction effects (4 million tons/year) of Portland blast-furnace slag cement and created new related technical materials.
  • Participated in the Investigation Committee Regarding Measures for Expanding Diffusion of Mixed Cement by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, aiming at Global Warming Prevention Plan of Japanese government.
4 Activities aimed at expanding the use of electric arc furnace slag products
  • Facilitated compliance with the concrete aggregate JIS (electric arc furnace oxidizing slag), and supported the acquisition of new JIS certified plants.
  • The Electric Arc Furnace Slag Promotion Committee conducted R&D related to electric arc furnace slag products and carried out activities aimed at expanding the use of these products.
5 Survey and PR activities
  • Printed articles in magazines (Monthly Diver, Weekly Diamond, Weekly Shincho) for the general public , and carried out PR activities for iron and steel slag.
  • Conducted the ninth Art Contest (theme: Iron & Steel Slag Products, Oceans, and Forests) as part of a campaign that solicited art entries from the public and Received a total of 825 entries, which is the largest number ever, including paintings, drawings, and photographs. Awarded the Grand Prize and Awards of Excellence (a total of eight awards), as well as the Association Award.
  • Exhibited at the Eco-Products Exhibition (held at Tokyo Big Sight), where we displayed the winning entries of the art contest and handed out pamphlets and samples of fertilizer made using iron and steel slag. Also, held the naturalist Mr.Hiroshi Aramata's Talk Show, "Environment Class".

FY 2017 Business Plan

The primary issues for FY 2017 are the following.

1 Strengthen the management systems for manufacture and sales of iron and steel slag products. (compliance with guidelines and conducted the third party certification system.)
2 Improve the reliability and develop technologies for principle products (e.g., revise JIS and various guidelines).
3 Make clear the characteristics of the iron and steel slag that can contribute to creating a low-carbon society, conserving resources, and improving the environment.
4 Promote the use of slag in marine areas, agricultural land (work in cooperation with the Japan Iron and Steel Federation).
5 Reinforce slag PR activities. (Continue strong new PR activities and strength media.)